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Estate agents and letting agents are living in the pastEstate agents and letting agents in Gloucester are like dinosaurs!|Other estate and letting agents in Gloucester are old fashioned|The business models of other estate and letting agencies in Gloucester are failing}. Many years ago those buying or renting a property were compelled to tour around every agents in the area to see what {homes|properties were available. These days very few buyers or tenants set foot in agents' high street shops, instead they begin their search for a home on the internet at websites like Rightmove and Zoopla and then telephone the local agency to arrange an appointment to view a property. Once the buyer or tenant has decided on a property negotiations also take place by phone. Buyers and tenants do not even look at agents' websites, why would they when photos and full details of available homes can be seen online. Homefinders work from one office. Our trained estate and letting agents handle business for the whole of Gloucester, and also handle business from our online letting and estate agencies which cover the whole of England and Wales. The efficiencies resulting from having our backroom staff in one place and accepting work from a larger area than the usual franchise office allow us to save customers a great deal of money by reducing our fees substantially's business model is likely to become the norm in the future. At present most estate and letting agencies are franchises and cover a relatively small area For example Gloucester has 5-6 branches of many franchises, that is 5 or 6 expensive high street shops which only house the staff – when did you last see a customer in an agency's shop? Each franchise costs more than 20,000 and the franchisee also has to pay an ongoing fee of around 8% of turnover. Consequently franchisors will be reluctant to change their business model, although competitive pressure from the new breed of estate agents will force the franchise business model to change before long.

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