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Living with a learning disability shouldn't deter people from leading a pleasurable and active everyday life. For people who may feel isolated or constrained by their disability, community-led projects and activities are an optimal way to help support their personal and social advancement in a secure, local environment.

Learning disabilities and the local community

Adults with learning difficulties and disabilities may find it more challenging to digest information or learn certain skills, including learning new things, communication, finance, reading, writing, or personal care. While these problems will vary vastly based upon the person, it may affect their ability to handle life independently. Some people may be able to deal with day-to-day life with little support, whilst others could need Round-the-clock care.

Without the suitable support people might find it hard to develop independence and live by themselves, or engage in leisure activities or form relationships. Yet the right support can significantly help people live complete and meaningful lives with no stress of being not accepted for their disability.

Local community projects grant people the opportunity to get the helping hand they require to grow and meet others who can support their wellbeing:

• Individuals engaging in the activities are treated equally as individuals and with respect. The service endeavors to promote their dignity, somewhere that's safe and free from maltreatment.

• The service can assist people with disabilities in gaining independence by helping them overcome disbeliefs through instances of triumph and forming optimistic, proactive attitudes.

• At the same time the community service recognises each person's uniqueness, privacy and own preferences, providing a tailored solution to aid them to become who they want to be.

• Day activities can help people with disabilities identify targets that are important to them and accomplish them, in a no pressure environment.

• The prospect to become involved with the local community can help to enhance people's self-confidence and self-esteem, which may encourage them to make more satisfying lifestyle choices.

• Alongside learning new skills, people participating in day activities often see increased general wellbeing. The additional support may better help people control and balance their lifestyles for improved day-to-day satisfaction.

• Community-based activity gives support for carers, ensuring that their loved one's needs are well-looked after.

Community Prospects CIC is a not-for-profit community interest organisation, performing a number of projects in Great Barr and Tamworth. Our aim is to present adults who learn differently with the possibility to take advantage of more independence, enhanced wellbeing and increased life choices. Our projects, from horticulture to furniture restoration, also aim to help those over the age of 16 make massive advances forward with their lives and achieve results they originally thought were beyond them.

You can find out more here about day centres for adults with learning disabilities.

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